Testing Coronary Atherosclerosis Imaging Technique

Coronary Atherosclerosis T1-Weighted Characterization (CATCH)

This study proposes to develop an MRI technique named Coronary Atherosclerosis T1-weighed Characterization (CATCH) that will improve the quality and reliability of coronary atherosclerosis evaluation, as well as simplify the scanning process and significantly shorten imaging time compared with conventional imaging methods.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Cardiac MRI

MRI with/without administration of a contrast agent and beta-blocker based upon the stage of method development, if no contraindications are present.

Drug - Contrast

The intravenous gadolinium based contrast agent to be used in this study is Gadavist (up to 0.2 mmol/kg).

Drug - Beta blocker

Based upon the focus of the study at the time of the scan, a beta- blocker (metoprolol), in pill form based upon blood pressure and heart rate, may be administered to some subjects to improve the heart's ability to relax and slow the heart rate. The slower heart rate may improve image quality and lessen motion artifact.

Coronary Atherosclerosis T1-Weighted Characterization (CATCH)