Alcohol Problems and Seeking Treatment

Unit and Clinic Evaluation, Screening, Assessment, and Management

Background: - About 17 million adults had an alcohol use disorder in 2012. Researchers want to follow people that have alcohol problems and want treatment, as well as those who do not want treatment and healthy volunteers. They also want to gather information on people with and without alcohol problems, including information on genes and biological processes in the body.. This will help them better understand, prevent, and treat alcohol problems. Objective: -To look at a broad range of traits in people who are healthy people and people with alcohol problems. To study them for potential eligibility for other research protocols conducted at the NIH Clinical Center. Eligibility: - Adults age 18 and older. - Not being pregnant or imprisoned. Design: - Participants will have a physical exam. They will answer questions about their health and alcohol and drug use. They will have an electrocardiogram to check their heart. They will have blood, urine, and breath alcohol tests. - Participants without alcohol problems, or who have them but do not want treatment, can sign the second consent for screening and research. - Participants that have alcohol problems and want treatment will be treated at the NIH Clinical Center. They will be offered to sign the second consent at a later time. - Participants may join an inpatient treatment and detox program. It could last up to 6 weeks. Or they may join an outpatient program. Some may do both. - After discharge, participants may be called and asked questions about their drinking and health. - If participants sign the second consent, they: - will complete paper- and computer-based questionnaires. - will give blood samples. - may have a brain scan using magnetic resonance imaging. They will lie on a table that slides in and out of a cylinder that takes pictures. The machine makes loud noises. They will get earplugs.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Unit and Clinic Evaluation, Screening, Assessment, and Management