Testing New Formats for Presentation of Research Evidence

Testing New Formats for the Presentation of Research Evidence to Health Care Managers and Policy Makers

The purpose of this project is to identify and use our knowledge on the barriers and facilitators to using systematic reviews (SR) by health care managers (HCM) and policy markers (PM) to develop and test a novel format for presentation of SR for HCM and PM. We will invite HCM and PM from hospitals and regional authorities in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia to participate in a randomized-control trial. Participants will receive a link to an online consent survey, and then be randomly allocated to receive access to a novel SR or its traditional presentation. There is no time limit to completing the task, and participants are able to save their responses and finish later. Participants are able to withdraw from the study by not completing the task.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Novel systematic review format

A 2-page summary of systematic review content that has been designed in collaboration with policy makers and health care managers.

A Randomized Trial to Compare the Effects of a Novel Versus Traditional Systematic Review Format on the Ability of Health Care Managers and Policy Makers to Understand and Apply Evidence