Peer MI for Substance-using Emerging Adults

Peer MI for Substance-using Emerging Adults

The main purpose of this project is to test whether Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing (PMI) results in superior alcohol and marijuana use outcomes for emerging adults (EAs, ages 18-29) and their peers. Ninety peer dyads (total n = 180, ntarget client = 90, npeer = 90) are randomized to receive either Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing (PMI) or Waitlist Control (WC).

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing

Target clients in this Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing arm will receive separate one-hour Motivational Interviewing (MI) sessions, in which the therapist reviews the target clients substance use behaviors in a non-confrontational manner, listens empathetically, and reinforces any client statements indicating a desire the change. In this arm, the therapist also presents the target client's peer with data about the extent of the target client's substance use, builds the peer's motivation t more on

Waitlist Control

After the 12 week follow up period, if subjects in the Waitlist Control group desire to receive the Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing intervention, that will be made available to them.

Peer-enhanced Motivational Interviewing for Emerging Adults With Risky Substance Use