Facial Analysis to Classify Difficult Intubation

Facial Analysis to Classify Difficult Intubation

The aim of this project is to develop a computer algorithm that can accurately predict how easy or difficult it is to intubate a patient based upon digital photographs from three different perspectives. Such an application can provide a consistent, quantitative measure of intubation difficulty by analyzing facial features in captured photographs - features which have previously been shown to correlate with how easy or how hard it would be to perform the intubation procedure. This is in contrast to established subjective protocols that also serve to predict intubation difficulty, albeit with lower accuracy. A digital application has the potential to decrease potential complications related to intubation difficulty and increase patient safety.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

photographing head and neck

Taking three photographs of head and neck-one photograph from front, one from left and one fron right. The photographs are analyzed by facial structure software to create face model.

Comparison of a Computerized Image Analysis to Conventional Airway Examination Techniques to Predict Difficult Endotracheal Intubation