Jugular Venous Flow Neurosurgical Patients

Jugular Venous Flow Neurosurgical Patients

Our hypothesis is that there will be a decrease in internal jugular venous flow in the park bench position when compared to the supine position. There will also be a change in blood flow between the right and left internal jugular veins in the park bench position. In particular, there will be a greater reduction of flow on the dependent side. However, the internal jugular venous flow will be the same in both the prone and supine positions.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

comparison of different neurosurgical position

in 2 of 3 positions (supine, plus either prone or park bench) with both left and right internal jugular vein cross-sectional area of vein, doppler velocity, internal jugular venous flow, position of internal jugular vein in relation to carotid artery (All measured with the use of ultrasound)

Effect of Different Surgical Positions on the Cerebral Venous Drainage: an Ultrasound Study on Neurosurgical Patients