Real-Life Effectiveness of Vortioxetine in Depression

Real-life Effectiveness of Vortioxetine in Depression

Worldwide Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) has significant negative personal, societal and economic consequences. Vortioxetine (BrintellixAR) is a new antidepressant authorized since 2013. Despite evidence generated from clinical trials which demonstrate that vortioxetine is an efficacious, well-tolerated antidepressant, there is a need to determine the effectiveness of vortioxetine in real life routine practice. The study aim is to examine the real-life effectiveness of vortioxetine on functioning, depressive symptom relief, cognition and quality of life. This is an observational, multi-national, study in patients with MDD initiating treatment with vortioxetine. Information will be collected by the physician, from the patient and their medical record at three time points - baseline, week 12 and week 24 (end of follow-up). This study will be conducted in six countries. In total 2,100 patients are planned for enrolment.

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Drug - Vortioxetine

Treatment with vortioxetine as per local SmPC

Real-life Effectiveness of Vortioxetine in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder: Non-interventional, Multi-national, Prospective Cohort Study to Assess Real-life Effectiveness of Vortioxetine