Improving Healthcare Access for Native American Elders

Improving Native American Elder Access to and Use of Healthcare

This community-driven study features a mixed-method, participatory design to examine help-seeking behavior and healthcare experiences of American Indian elders in New Mexico, in order to develop and evaluate a tailored intervention to enhance knowledge of, access to, and use of insurance and available services to reduce healthcare disparities. This study includes qualitative and quantitative interviews combined with concept mapping and focus groups with American Indian elders and other key stakeholders.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Seasons of Care App

A web-based mobile application (app) called the Seasons of Care Elder Navigation Guide will assist elders, their families/caregivers, healthcare providers, outreach workers, and other community members in navigating healthcare and insurance systems. The app has the added advantage of being easy to update to respond to future changes in health care and insurance, and sustainable because it is not dependent on intensive training, developing, and retaining of individuals in professional navigation more on

Improving Native American Elder Access to and Use of Healthcare Through Effective Health System Navigation