Does Overpractice Improve Motor Learning?

Does Overpractice Improve Motor Learning?

This study contains two pilot studies: 1) one study will investigate practice dosage of a postural stepping task in healthy young individuals in order to determine an operational definition of performance plateau, and 2) the other study will investigate whether practicing beyond reaching a performance plateau improves learning of a postural stepping task in healthy older adults, compared to discontinuing practice immediately after reaching a performance plateau. The investigators hypothesize that the group that continues to practice beyond reaching their performance plateau will learn and retain the motor task better than the other group.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Motor Practice of a Standing Serial Reaction Time Task

Subjects will perform a standing serial reaction time task on a step reaction mat. Subjects will step to a series of targets, based on a series of stimuli that are presented. One trial is composed of two 12-step sequences. One of the 12-step sequences is random, while the other is a repeated sequence; sequences are presented in random order. After each trial, the subject rests for 25 seconds. Six trials equal 1 block of practice, which is followed by a 4 minute rest break. After each block, feed more on

Does Practice Beyond Performance Plateau Improve Motor Learning in Healthy Adults?