Adverse Airway Effects from Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

Adverse Airway Effects From Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

The purpose of the study conducted at VA Medical Center in Miami is to determine if smoking electronic cigarettes (known as e-cigarettes) that contain nicotine have less negative effects than regular cigarettes on the person's respiratory health. We will assess this by measuring pulmonary function tests, several body molecules and functionality of the airway cells. We will also evaluate how smokers can maintain exclusive electronic cigarettes use. In this study, some people will continue to smoke regular tobacco cigarettes while others will switch to a nicotine-containing electronic cigarette.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Electronic cigarette use

Replacement of tobacco smoking with electronic cigarette vaping

Control regular cigarette smokers

Adverse Airway Effects of Inhaled Nicotine From Tobacco and E-Cigarettes