Characterization of Neuropsychiatric Disorders for Imaging

Characterization of Phenotypic and Genotypic Regressors for Imaging

The influence of genes on addictive and neuropsychiatric disorders is complex, especially given that multiple genes likely influence certain behaviors that are correlated with addiction. Researchers are interested in looking at the genetic information of individuals who are enrolled on National Institute for Drug Abuse studies to investigate specific genetic variants that may be related to substance abuse. Researchers will study the effects of genes on several aspects of thinking such as attention, memory, decision making, problem solving, learning, and emotional feelings, and investigate the ways in which genetic information affects addictive behaviors and substance abuse. In addition, researchers will study how genes may explain differences in imaging data in substance users. Objectives: - To collect genetic information for research on genetic aspects of addiction and substance abuse. Eligibility: - Adults age 18 or older - (1) healthy, non-drug-using nonsmokers, - (2) healthy smokers, - (3) healthy individuals dependent on other commonly abused drugs, and - (4) individuals with other psychiatric disorders. - Participants must be right-handed, and must be enrolled in another National Institute on Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program imaging protocol. Design: - This study involves one to two visits to National Institute on Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program that may be separate from the participant s current research protocol study visits or on the same day as those visits. . - Participants will provide a blood sample and complete questionnaires about mood, memory, and learning. - Participants may also be asked to do a few tasks, such as playing computer games involving coin tosses and money management, or responding to questions on a computer screen.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Characterization of Phenotypic and Genotypic Regressors