Improving Team Training During Mock Code Blue Simulations

Improving Team Training During Mock Code Blue Simulations

Communication and teamwork failures are the leading causes of errors in healthcare settings. In situ mock code simulations are a potential means to train team-based skills using simulation within real clinical care environments where errors occur; however, debriefing discussions often focus on gaps in learners' clinical skills as opposed to team functioning. This study aims to determine whether learners who are pre-trained using just-in-time simulation regarding CPR quality and medication administration will exhibit improved performance with respect to these skills during in situ mock codes as well as improved team functioning.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Just-in-time training (JITT)

The JITT training is a 20 minute simulation-based teaching session targeting: (1) CPR quality and (2) medication administration.

Improving the Quality of Team Training and Performance During Interprofessional in Situ Mock Code Blue Simulations: A Randomized Controlled Mixed-methods Study