Medical Decision Making in a Virtual Clinical Setting

Personalized Medicine Decision-Making in a Virtual Clinical Setting

Background: -How people respond to drugs depends in part on their genes. For some drugs, doctors can use an individuals genetic background to help in dosing the drug. Researchers want to know how doctors incorporate personalized or genomic medicine into clinical practice. Objective: -To study how physicians make personalized treatment decisions Eligibility: -Healthy adult primary care physicians who are internal (or family) medicine residents. Design: - Participants will complete a screening form. - Participants will put on a headset, called a head-mounted display, showing a virtual reality environment. - The environment will contain an exam room and the virtual patient. - After interacting with the virtual patient, participants will complete a series of survey measures. - Participation will last for about 60 minutes. The virtual patient interaction and follow-up questions will be audio taped.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Medical Decision-Making in a Virtual Clinical Setting