Early vs. Interval Postpartum IUD Insertion

Early vs. Interval Postpartum IUD Insertion

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are historically placed at a six-week postpartum visit for women who desire intrauterine contraception after delivery. A two-week postpartum visit could be a convenient time for women to receive contraception, including IUDs. Offering women IUDs at two-weeks postpartum may decrease the risk of undesired pregnancy and rapid repeat pregnancy. This study will compare IUD insertion at two different times after delivery: two-weeks and six-weeks postpartum. This will allow researchers to assess whether the timing of IUD placement affects whether an IUD is expelled, or pushed out of it's ideal location.

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Postpartum IUD placement

Early vs. Interval Postpartum IUD Insertion: A Multi-site Randomized Controlled Trial