Effects of Microbouts of Activity on Metabolic Health

Effects of Microbouts of Activity on Metabolic Health

Population studies suggest that time spent in sedentary behaviors is associated with all-cause mortality including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, independent of time spent in exercise. Frequent interruptions to sedentary time are however beneficially associated with metabolic health outcomes, even in individuals who exercise regularly. The goal is to use integrative approach to understand the biological mechanisms that underlie these associations in a longitudinal intervention study in overweight sedentary adults. The investigators believe that the proposed study will provide an initial evidence base for the health benefits of breaking up prolonged sitting with short bursts of activity. This innovative strategy may be more effective at combating the adverse effects of sedentary behaviors than more traditional approaches.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Traditional Exercise Training

Participants will be asked to perform moderate-intensity exercise (brisk walking) for 45 minutes for 5 days/week for 4 weeks. This intervention corresponds to the current recommendations.

Behavioral - Daily Microbursts of Activity

Participants will be asked to break up their sedentary activities of daily living for 5-minutes every hour for 10 hours, 5 days/week, by brisk walking for 4 weeks.

Effects of Microbouts of Activity on Metabolic Health