Wellness Program for Medical Trainees and Faculty

Reaching Out to Distressed Medical Residents, Fellows and Faculty

The purpose of this study is to study whether distressed medical residents, fellows, and faculty health professionals benefit from completing online an anonymous and interactive screening of stress, depression, substance use, and suicidal thoughts. The screening and ability to interact online with a clinician anonymously are hypothesized to increase willingness to come for counseling in person. Suicide risk factors are expected to be lower once the distressed medical trainee or faculty member receives treatment.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - counseling

in-person counseling through RFWP offered to distressed respondents on the ISP and others who seek counseling (due to other reasons for referral)

Reaching Out to Distressed Medical Residents, Fellows, and Faculty Through the OHSU Resident and Faculty Wellness Program Interactive Screening Program (ISP)