Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Biomarkers

Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Biomarkers

Few early prognostic indicators are currently available for patients' families and clinicians following out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), and blood biomarkers may be of prognostic value in these cases. Brain tissue is highly dependent upon aerobic respiration, and oxygen deprivation result in irreversible neuronal cell injury. Peptides released into the blood by injured neuronal cells can be measured to estimate degree of injury, and potentially predict long term neurological outcome.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Procedure - blood draw

Blood draws will be collected via venipuncture or IV at hours 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144 (10 draws total). Each draw would be approximately 20 mL of blood (but no less than 10 mL).

Predicting Neurological Outcome Following Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) by Quantitative Measurement of Serial Serum Biomarkers of Brain Injury.